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About Me

Hi! I'm Brodie Jones, also known as Brodie O' Connor.

I'm a 2D artist based in Bendigo, Australia. Ever since playing World of Warcraft at a young age, I've loved designing fantasy characters, and one day I hope to make a living out of this passion as a character designer or concept artist.

As you might've guessed from my origin story, my art is heavily influenced by video games, especially fantasy RPGs like classic Final Fantasy, Dark Chronicle and Diablo. I also adore traditional 2D animation such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Prince of Egypt, as well as the Art Deco movement.


But what's the weird thing with the eye?

The name and mascot of Black Spot Design comes from The Day of the Black Spots, an animation I made with in Year 6 with Powerpoint about an alien invasion of mysterious black spots, inspired by a scene from Monty Python's 'And Now for Something Completely Different'. Their leader was the Motherspot; a large, black orb with a single ominous eye and the same creature you see in my logo.

The animation was a hit among my classmates and teachers, and I would have random people coming up to compliment me during lunch about my weird little tale. This made a deep impression on me, and I've affectionately chosen the Motherspot as my mascot as a sign of my ability to engage audiences with my unique, striking concepts.